Next Stage Framework (NSF)

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NSF (Next Stage Framework) is NexPCB's unique take to simplify the stages of innovation, product development, and production, also business advancement stages.

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The framework will be commonly used for hardware startups, in which they'll need to first do some prototyping, funding, and molding, before finally launching their product in the market.

We generally segment the stages into 6, based on the innovation curve stages:

S0: The S0 stage is the starting point. Whenever you're starting a project or creating a new product, you'll always first start here. It's also the ideation stage. During this stage, you'll spend a lot of time designing, researching, and learning about what to do, when to do it, and how to optimize your design.

At this stage, our innovation consulting service will help you prepare for your product launch

S1-S2: During these stages, continuous, iterative prototyping are done to finally establish a valid Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and Proof of Concept (POC). Using the MVP, you'll need to focus on securing funding to move to the next round of production.

At this stage, our NTI (New Technology Introduction) service will help you prototype and lay out the foundations for your product.

S3: In the S3 stage, hardware products generally start to create a mold for their plastic parts, and optimize their casings or enclosures. Typically, a QC standard approach will be established at this stage.

At this stage, our NPI (New Product Introduction) service will help you optimize your product launch, and get you a strong start in the market.

S4-S6: In the last 3 stages, the production volume is increased step by step. During this time, the quality, cost, and time for production will be optimized. Ensuring that the production cycle can occur at the optimum pace.

At this final stage, our Lifecycle Management service will integrate your production, warehouse, and supply chain efforts so you can focus on growing your brand in the global market.

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