Lifecycle Management

Once you launch a product, its lifecycle has started. It’ll start from the introduction stage. Afterward, it’ll grow, increase in popularity, and reach, and keeps on maturing until it’s fully developed. (read more about Product Lifecycle)

At this stage, retaining the market share in the industry is essential. This requires advanced problem-solving skills. Finally, if your product had finally declined in the market, maybe due to a huge problem, or its outdated technology, solutions such as business pivoting or production halt should be considered.

NexPCB is as committed to your product as you are. We will assist you to take active and careful steps throughout the product lifecycle stages to give an optimum outcome.

NexPCB always hopes that we can grow together as partners. Other than establishing and launching new projects, we also hope older projects can grow to maturity. This means the repairability, maintenance, and improvement of the projects will play a major role.

To do so, NexPCB is well-equipped with our logistics, supply-chain management, and quality control capabilities.

NexPCB will help find essential components and materials through its large chain of suppliers.

NexPCB is also certified to follow the ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard.

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