New Technology Introduction (NTI)

Table of Contents

    • Why do you need NTI?

New Technological Innovation (NTI), or Engineering Acceleration, boosts the technical development of your product.

The whole process not only involves the technical and engineering services, but also rapid testing, filtering high-quality projects, prototyping, and tooling services.

In engineering acceleration, we aim to:

accelerate the verification of technological innovation into new scenarios

Why do you need NTI?

Manufacturing electronics product require numerous types of components. Hence, makers usually use multiple suppliers to handle their PCBA, SMT, EE, and ME.

Factors, such as the quality, cost, and time of the production process should be closely coordinated.


Tasks and risks to tackle:

  • Creating and managing quality control standards for different manufacturers.
  • Coordinating timeline for product production
  • Managing requirements with different manufacturers.
  • Redefining cost allocation if problems arise.
  • Product development hindered due to one problematic production.
  • Technical problem possibilities, requiring a design change should be communicated to numerous parties.

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