New Product Introduction (NPI)

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What is NPI?

NPI or New Product Introduction is the systematic approach to launching hardware products.

NexPCB provides our NPI service to plan your manufacturing strategy against the future unknowns.

This includes cost projection, budget management, sourcing, design, manufacturing, assembly, and up to logistics.


The main difference between the NTI (New Technology Introduction) and NPI is that NPI refers mostly to the market entry of products.

At this stage, it's important for new companies and makers to navigate through the market. As you start producing sales, be cautious of the cost, quality, and time of product delivery. Make sure to also market, and pay attention to the after-sales of the product.

What should you do in NPI?

The most crucial action during this NPI stage is to obtain as much customer reviews available. Their reviews will pinpoint in which areas are your product good at, and at which area are they lacking.

Afterward, you'll continue your continuous iteration of the product, to finally obtain the product that satisfies the market. When you notice your sales' growing exponentially, you can finally focus on the other things: cost optimization, which will be assisted by our lifecycle management service.

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