Innovation Consulting

As a partner in your journey to create innovative products, NexPCB provides insights to shorten your time to market, focus on research and marketing, also to allocate your resources better.

With 17+ years of experience and a vast supplier network, NexPCB will guide you to do cost optimization, risk management, design support, and many more.

Innovation has been a huge part of our daily life. As humans, we continue to innovate, moving from one era to another. These innovations are implemented into our society, improving our quality of life.

The cycle starts from:

  1. Technical discoveries. These start from the theories made by people in the past, which drives the present people to prove their accuracy.
  2. Invention. This is done when the proven principles are brought into practical form. The creation of something new, something to be used.
  3. Society Utilization. At this time, the invention has become widely used by people in society.
  4. More research and development will arise once the practice has become common. Improvements will continuously be made to enhance better life quality.


As a business growing be a part of the transformation, you can start innovating by doing these 4 steps:

  1. Predict

During this process, you’ll be more immersed in observing and doing research for your profound problem.

As a business, you should be able to answer the 5W1H (Who, What, Where, Which, How) of your products, your estimated cost allocation, market planning, and buyer persona.

  1. Observe

Take a further analysis of the research done before.

Create business strategies to achieve development goals based on industry conditions.

  1. Present

Show how mature your development plans are, and if you have considered any risks and possibilities

  1. Launch!

After consulting with us, we’ll assist you to conduct prototyping and production, so you can successfully launch at the right time, at the target cost, with the right quality

Lets start working on your project!