Shipping & Packaging

Packaging requirements, shipping methods and delivery tracking.


International rules formulated for international trade business transactions, determining the responsibilities and expenses of buyers and sellers.

Structural reinforcement

How to use structural reinforcements on your packaging for safetier shipping.

Modes of Transport

A brief about the selection of transport modes from our factories to your doorstep.

Custom Clearance

Custom clearance is one of the most important steps in the export/import process. This includes tax declaration, document audits, and the inspection of goods.


What's dropshipping and how does NexPCB does it?

HS and HTS Codes

HS and HTS Codes are both product classification codes used for customs and tax purposes.

Packaging Design

Introduction to the types of packaging available for you to choose, including the printing and other labeling processes for your product.

Transportation Costs

Logistics has its own costs. This is mainly imposed on the transportation costs. What are those, and how can we optimize it?

International Product Returns

A complete guide on how to return products bought from a foreign country. What the legislations are, and hwo to complete the requirements.

Anti-static (ESD) Packaging

What is an ESD packaging? How should you choose the best one for your product?

Custom Packaging

Understanding the procedures of custom packaging with NexPCB.


All you need to know about label stickers: from it's history, importance, and other special considerations to pay when putting it into use.