Custom Packaging

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Custom Packaging

What is custom packaging?

Custom packaging is a unique package designed from scratch around the specific needs of customers and products, rather than using a standard or prefabricated box or packaging, as close as possible to product placement, shipping, and sales. The custom packaging process includes modifying the shape, size, style, color, material, varnish, and other specifications of the packaging, etc.

Why do products need custom packaging?

Customized packaging plays a vital role in product sales. It's main roles include:

  • to show-off the brand
  • to display product information
  • for aesthetics

A well-designed packaging helps the brand stand out from the competition, enhances the customer's impression of the brand, and gives an overview of the product's value.

A well-designed packaging will also attract customers through eye-catching design and creative structural design. Product packaging is like the billboard for products: they promote the products. Nowadays, what attracts a person's attention has become more and more niche. Having a unique packaging design will definitely stimulate customers' curiosity and desire to buy.

How can you customize your packaging?

Other than being a one-stop solution for your product design, development, and manufacturing processes, NexPCB also provides you with our packaging support.

We provide packaging design and customization according to product characteristics and sales needs.

Based on your specific needs, our team will provide you with packaging design consultation and customization services.

We'll have to know the

  • Shape
  • Size
  • Material
  • Thickness
  • Style
  • Printing method
  • Quantity, and any other additional processes required

Because it involves proofing, loss, etc., it is necessary to know all the requirements in order to achieve accurate quotations. For example, the thickness and material of paper (cardboard + special paper / double copper paper / single powder card, etc.) will affect the price fluctuation, complex printing process (bronzing / embossing / lamination / die-cutting / partial UV / reverse glazing, etc. ) will increase the difficulty of proofing, etc.