Warehousing Parts for Assembly

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Warehouse management refers to effective control over the process of receiving and delivering goods, documentation of stocks, and other activities concerning the management of goods. Warehouse management is done to ensure that all of the processes, including the production and other operational activities, can be carried out smoothly.

The management of warehouse parts allows us to predict which materials or products are to be completed in advance and arrange the purchase time in advance to avoid hindering the production progress

On this basis, the movements of various goods are classified and recorded to express the status of warehousing goods in terms of quantity and quality, as well as the location, department, order ownership, and other information

The ERP System

For the management of warehouse parts, NexPCB adopts the ERP system. The ERP software system fits the management of the warehousing and delivery of materials, also the details of the products involved.

The product details mentioned include:

  • Current inventory or stock
  • Purchase cost
  • Quality
  • Supplier
  • Warehouse location

Warehouse Parts Division

We classify warehousing parts into the following categories

  • ME (Mechanical Parts)
  • EE (Eleccomponentsc parts) items
  • PK (Packing) Item
  • FL excipient

BOM Division

We divide BOM into the following categories

  • JC finished product BOM
  • JB Semi finished product BOM
  • JJ BOM of semi-finished products
  • JP semi-finished product BOM

Warehouse management

Every time NexPCB receives a BOM list for our customers, our warehouse staff will check the inventory of the products. Once the product is confirmed, the warehouse staff will send the products based on the quantity demanded in the BOM, update the ERP system, and hand over the items to our workshops for assembly.

According to our customers' production orders or the customer's future market expectations, NexPCB can prepare the items for inventory. This is done especially for core materials, long-lead-time products, and rare products on the market. After reaching an agreement with the customer, NexPCB will make a purchase, thus reducing the risk of delay in the material purchase cycle and hence boost the project's progress.

The warehouse inventory management of materials allows us to specify the quantity demand of product items when placing an order for the project. At the same time, according to the characteristics of the product processing process and the assembly process, we can reasonably increase the appropriate quantity in addition to the order demand for loss preparation.

Workshop Assembly Line

Before a project starts, the project engineer will first construct the assembly instructions. Based on these assembly instructions, the process engineer will cast the assembly process for the assembly lines in the workshop.

Usually, the whole assembly is split into several processes and are arranged corresponding to the assembly personnel at the designated location

The materials and parts from the warehouse are then placed on the corresponding assembly station according to different materials and assembly tools required by different processes. This way, the accuracy of parts in the corresponding assembly process can be monitored.

After the assembly processes are done, several testing stages, such as the PCBA testing and the finished product testing are done before the packaging stage.