Spray Painting

Workpieces that have gone through all the manufacturing processes are eligible for painting. To establish an even painted surface, the workpiece must have a smooth surface: sanding must be done before to remove the roughness.

NexPCB provides surface painting for a range of materials. These include plastics, bamboo, wood, and metal. The painting process can be sped up by using the spray painting process.

Spray painting, like its name suggests, is done by using a tool to evenly spray paint across a workpiece's surface to provide a faster painting process with more even coverage than regular painting, especially for complex-shaped surfaces.

It's possible to spray paint a product in any color visible to the human eye. However, due to the human eye's sensitivity towards purple, it's a hard color to achieve. White is also a difficult color to achieve in the presence of dust and other surface impurities that may be present at the time of spraying.